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HP@CES: New EliteBook x360 unleashes the best of consumer and commercial innovation in one device

By Sarah Murry, Newsroom Managing Editor, HP Inc. — January 3, 2017

When customers talk to us about the way they use their laptops at work, many of them are not talking about an office cubicle. Users are taking conference calls from their kitchen tables and building presentations during a flight.
The Office of the Future, in a growing number of cases, is not an actual office.
That’s why, when HP went back to the drawing board to design its next EliteBook for businesses, the company’s engineers made sure that the next generation device would not only enable HP’s business PC customers to work harder, but smarter and safer, wherever they went.
Enter the HP EliteBook x360, announced ahead of this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
This new enterprise device brings together some of the most innovative features of both HP’s consumer and commercial PCs to bring the best in design, performance, security and collaboration that meets workers where they are today, and makes sure they’re ready for tomorrow.
At its core, the EliteBook x360 combines high-end design with powerful commercial performance and security, while paying close attention to the details.

Refined design
As the world’s thinnest convertible notebook, the EliteBook x360 builds off of the aesthetics of the popular HP Spectre x360 consumer notebook with industrial design that users say they want.

We know mobile workers put value on thin and light. The EliteBook x360 is sleek and modern, weighs in at a mere 2.81 lbs. (1.28 kg) and is only 14.95 mm thick, about the width of an AA battery. It takes design cues from HP’s lineup of premium laptops, break-the-mold devices tech reviewers have called “a breath of fresh air.”

The EliteBook x360 has multiple modes, which enable seamless transition from work to leisure, such as its laptop mode for emails and word processing, tablet mode for taking notes, tent mode for a video conference call or media mode for watching streaming videos.

Productivity boost

We’ve set the EliteBook x360 apart from its consumer cousin with a set of unique features designed for on-the-go workers. For one, it’s tough. Designed to pass a dozen different U.S. Military Standard reliability tests for withstanding vibration, shock, drop and extreme environmental conditions, road warriors don’t have to worry about how it’ll fair in a backpack or an overhead bin.

Anyone who works remotely knows how important battery life can be. The EliteBook x360 boasts a new HP commercial record with an impressive battery life of up to 16.5 hours, or about the time it takes to fly from San Francisco to Delhi. And for the workers who dash from meeting to meeting all day, the new Fast Charge feature lets users power up to 50 percent in as little as 30 minutes. For anyone with only a short break between meetings or in transit, that quick charge can make a big difference in productivity.
The EliteBook x360 has another leg up in the modern workplace: It’s designed from the inside out for collaboration.

By some estimates, the average worker spends about 40 percent of work time on conference calls. That’s a lot of time spent juggling headsets, external USB-connected speakers or microphones or a host of additional gear that enables others to actually hear what you are saying when using Skype or another conferencing application.
That’s where HP drew inspiration from its award- winning EliteBook Folio business notebook introduced in last year’s CES. HP added similar collaboration capabilities to the new EliteBook x360 so that the certified Skype for Business device works even more seamlessly with integrated conferencing hotkeys to easily screen share, mute/unmute, answer and end calls, directly from the keyboard. And the microphone and speakers on the PC is tuned not only for music, but for the spoken word.

Even more, this Elitebook is designed for inking with HP’s active pen to enable handwritten comments and sketches to elevate productivity and remote co-creation further.

Keep it secure
Then, there’s the features that companies have to have, especially with security emerging a top concern of IT and C-level executives. The Elitebook x360 includes HP Sure Start Gen 3, HP Sure View, Client Security Suite Gen 3 and WorkWise, offerings that make HP’s EliteBook lineup the world’s most secure and manageable PCs with the most comprehensive endpoint security built in.
The Elitebook x360 delivers groundbreaking innovation with Sure Start Gen 3, the world’s only self- healing BIOS now with run-time intrusion detection to protect the critical and vulnerable BIOS firmware layer of the PC below the OS where advanced persistent cyberattacks target. As well, HP’s new Client Security Suite integrating Intel Authenticate technology makes it a million times more difficult to hack login passwords.
In addition, an upcoming version of the Elitebook x360, scheduled to be released in the spring, will be outfitted with the HP Sure View privacy screen, a feature that provides breakthrough protection against “visual hacking,” or unwanted shoulder surfing for those working in public places or open-concept offices. HP Sure View is the world’s only integrated privacy screen which reduces 95 percent of visibility when viewed at an angle so others can’t view the display.
And, just in case you leave your computer idling for a while, you can lock it remotely with the HP WorkWise smartphone app, a first for enterprise PC management that protects PCs with Tamper Protection.
The EliteBook x360 is expected to be available in late January.


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