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HP Rolls Out a “GEM” of a Partner Rewards Program

Rose Genovese, North America Loyalty Strategy Manager, PC and Print Division

May 30, 2019

Rose Genovese, North America Loyalty Strategy Manager, PC and Print Division

Rose Genovese, North America Loyalty Strategy Manager, PC and Print Division

The HP Blue Carpet Incentive Program has been successfully training and rewarding hardworking sales representatives in Canada since 2007 and the United States since 2012. It is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and well-known channel initiatives in the tech industry that is constantly being reinvented.

To that end, HP Blue Carpet is rolling out an exciting new program—patterned loosely after loyalty and rewards programs we all use in our daily retail experiences—called the GEM Club.

The GEM Club, which launches on Thursday, May 30, is available through March 31, 2020 and rewards individual partner sales representatives registered to Blue Carpet with digital jewels as they vie for elite membership. At the end of the one-year program, the 10 highest-performing representatives across the United States and Canada will win a three-night getaway to an exclusive island retreat 1 in the Bahamas for their engagement with the program.

 In addition, each month and quarter, HP will reward and recognize the top three representatives who collect the most GEMS with points on their reloadable Blue Carpet rewards card.

GEM Club Offers Diverse Offerings and Programs

The GEM Club promotion, now available through May 2020, rewards select sales representatives registered to Blue Carpet with digital jewels for completing various assigned tasks in four different categories:

  1. Survey (Sapphire);
  2. Training (Topaz);
  3. Referrals (Ruby);
  4. Engagement (Emerald)

The tasks themselves will change throughout the year, so partners will need to remain engaged and check Blue Carpet and GEM Club sites regularly to fully benefit from the program. As representatives accumulate GEMs in each category, they will be on their way to winning fantastic rewards. Prizes will be awarded to reps with the highest number of GEM points each month and quarter throughout the year.

HP GEM Club Dashboard

HP GEM Club Dashboard

Leveling the Playing Field

The objective of the GEM Club program is to help channel representatives step up their game and reach their next level of expertise, ultimately helping them sell more HP products and solutions. Many already do a wonderful job, but sales-based incentives often seem to favor larger, better-resourced partner companies over smaller ones. Therefore, this program is partially intended to level the playing field—it is HP’s way of rewarding all sales representatives for engaging with us to learn more about our offerings and to sell more effectively.

Knowledge is power. To become trusted HP technology advisors to clients, it is imperative to have a comprehensive working knowledge of everything we have to offer. It creates opportunity and can be the difference between closing an upcoming sale or never hearing from a client. GEM Club offers partners a fun, engaging way to learn from HP throughout the year with opportunities for winning prizes along the way. But the real reward is the added level of knowledge gained by completing all of the in-depth tutorials, sharing case studies and testimonials, and engaging in the exercises we put in front of them.

At the end of this journey, our goal is for sales representatives to have the ability to speak to clients more authoritatively – and win more business.


1Grand Prize winners to be announced in June 2020; trip to occur in August 2020.