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HP Digital Manufacturing Trends Report

Catalyzing Manufacturing's New Global Value Chain

December 17, 2020

Manufacturing decision makers around the world say they’re looking to industrial 3D printing to realize economic growth

Over the past several years, the global manufacturing paradigm has shifted due to the growing adoption of 3D printing and its ability to meet consumer demands that have skewed toward increased personalization and customization. In just the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical and economic uncertainty have accelerated that transition. Companies are leveraging the technology’s speed, flexibility and design capabilities and ability to support distributed manufacturing and assembly. 

The HP Digital Manufacturing Trends Report explores how manufacturing executives worldwide view 3D printing today and how they intend to use the technology going forward. More than 2,000 3D printing and digital manufacturing decision makers from Europe, Asia, the U.S., Canada and Mexico participated in the survey. 

Overwhelmingly, the respondents said they believe the technology is integral to a new manufacturing value chain. They are looking to advanced 3D printing to improve their operations’ agility, to modernize their supply chains, to trigger innovation and to enable mass personalization, which they anticipate will create new growth opportunities for their business and across the industry. 

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