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Delivering Better Business Outcomes with the Introduction of HP DaaS+ Hybrid

By Sumeer Chandra, General Manager and Global Head, HP Personal Systems Services

October 11, 2022

With hybrid work up by 38% from 20211, the digital experience for employees can be critical to retaining top talent, optimizing productivity, and enabling an inclusive workplace. For many enterprise organizations, this requires advanced technology to monitor, analyze, and remediate device issues proactively.

Since its inception, HP Device as a Service (HP DaaS) has helped IT reduce the cost and complexity of device lifecycle management with devices, repair services and AI-driven analytics, all with a predictable payment.

There is now a greater need for device support and experience-oriented services to be more tightly integrated and delivered “as a service” to help organizations navigate the needs of hybrid workforces. HP Device as a Service+ (HP DaaS+) builds on the foundations of HP DaaS in new and innovative ways. With HP DaaS+, we have designed a robust managed services framework powered by data insights and automation that offers customers solutions they can customize to meet their specific business outcomes.


Introducing HP DaaS+ Hybrid

HP DaaS+ Hybrid is a new managed service solution to enable employees to work seamlessly and securely from anywhere while streamlining IT remote operations and simplifying IT sourcing.  

By collaborating with HP, organizations can streamline their remote IT operations and ease the burden on their IT teams.

HP DaaS+ Hybrid makes it easy for employees to receive new PCs shipped to their home or office. When a PC needs to be replaced, employees can receive a replacement by the next business day from our advanced unit exchange service. Employees also receive intelligent insights to improve their digital experience, while IT teams get access to device fleet health with real-time analytics, employee sentiment tracking, and automated remediation.

HP Service Experts leverage powerful cloud-based analytics and insights to keep employees productive and engaged. With AI-based sentiment and technical insights, HP Service Experts monitor device performance, security posture, track engagement, and proactively respond to device alerts, to quickly address the issues that matter the most.

The managed service also helps organizations streamline vendor management and simplify IT. IT budgets have traditionally worked off annual cycles driven by hardware refresh, and services have been sourced individually. For many, the scope of today’s IT remit now requires a smarter and more strategic approach, one that can optimize IT spend and simplify the procurement of new services through simple solutions with a single vendor that has the scale and capabilities to deliver comprehensive services anywhere in the world. This is supported by easy online ordering and invoicing to streamline the process. By building simple modular solutions and services, IT teams benefit from the simplicity of curated solutions and the flexibility to add new modular services to provide a solution that can scale and adapt to their organization’s unique needs. Lastly, hardware, software, and services are combined into a single contract with a flexible consumption model that can help optimize budget, refresh cycles, and free-up cash flow.

HP DaaS+ Hybrid is available now in the US, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

HP recently announced enhancements to HP Proactive Insights to support organizations creating their migration strategy for Windows 11. IT teams can run an assessment to plan and implement an insights-driven migration strategy for their existing PCs using HP Proactive Insights offered as a service and as part of the HP DaaS+ Hybrid solution. 

Learn more HP DaaS+ Hybrid at or at Microsoft Ignite at at the Microsoft Ignite event in Seattle on October 12-13, 2022.

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