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Take Your Hybrid Workspace to New Heights with HP and Poly Solutions

By Andy Rhodes, Division President, HP Hybrid Systems

October 3, 2023

The inaugural Work Relationship Index shows that most knowledge workers, about two-thirds, value a company environment that enables them to work across multiple locations. By implementing technology that delivers seamless transitions for hybrid work, companies can foster engaging and productive work environments for employees and the IT teams that support them. Today, HP introduced new solutions and PC accessories that elevate hybrid experiences for immersive virtual meetings, seamless collaboration, and efficient workspaces.


Be Seen and Heard Clearly in Large Meeting Rooms with the Poly Studio Bundle

As more meetings return to the office, it’s essential to make sure everyone is seen and heard clearly for an equitable meeting experience for all participants. However, achieving this can be challenging, especially in expansive spaces. For instance, the layout of traditional conference rooms might cause some participants to be hidden. Together, HP and Zoom are harnessing the power of AI to help ensure equal participation in large meeting rooms. 

The Poly Studio Bundle is specifically designed to leverage the Zoom Rooms Intelligent Director feature1 by strategically applying AI technology to create a more equitable meeting experience in large rooms. Zoom Intelligent Director is a multi-camera experience that uses two or three cameras in medium to large rooms to show optimal views of the in-room participants. This curated solution makes it easier for IT teams to purchase and deploy without the hassle of assembling components from multiple vendors. 

HP is the only provider of a complete, Intelligent Director-ready solution for Zoom Rooms,[2] helping ensure a seamless and equitable meeting room experience. The Poly Studio Bundle includes three Poly Studio E70 smart cameras, a Poly TC10 controller, and an HP Mini Conferencing PC.

Experience Seamless and Hassle-free Charging with the Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC Headset

When taking video calls at your desk, having an easy-to-use charging station for your headset is helpful to maintain uninterrupted productivity. The latest addition to the award-winning Poly Voyager Surround headset lineup, the Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC Bluetooth headset, supports NFC wireless charging and comes with a dedicated charging stand. Simply place your headset on the stand to keep it ready for use while decluttering your desk and simplifying cable management.

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Whether joining a video conference, enjoying music, or presenting in a meeting, the award-winning Poly Voyager Surround headset lineup enables you to experience rich and clear audio.

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The Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC Headset comes with a new wireless charge stand that keeps you talking all day.

Look and Sound Your Best with the HP 430/435 FHD Webcam

Enhance your video conferencing experience by pairing your headset with the HP 430/435 FHD Webcam, ensuring you look and sound your best from any location. This 1080p webcam offers automatic focus, lighting, color correction, a wide field of view, and dual noise-reducing microphones. The built-in privacy shutter gives you control of when and what you share. The webcam is certified with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Works With Chromebook, which allows for seamless meetings on your preferred platform. Crafted from 65% post-consumer recycled plastic,3 the webcam is also packaged in recyclable, plastic-free materials.

The HP 430/435 FHD Webcam allows you to focus on what matters thanks to automatic focus, lighting, and color correction. This portable plug-and-play webcam includes dual mics that reduce background noise to keep you focused and make you sound great from anywhere.

Building on the benefits of the HP webcam series, there's more good news for users seeking an enhanced experience. The Poly Lens app is planned to support the HP 620, HP 960, and HP 430 series cameras by the end of the year. This integration4 will streamline workflows and improve device management, providing easy access to customization options, software updates, and valuable support. 


Unleash Your On-the-Go Productivity with HP Keyboards and Mouse

With audio and video solutions in place, let’s explore other essential accessories to elevate your workspace: keyboards and mice. 

The HP 460 Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and the HP 475 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard offer outstanding versatility and convenience. These spill-resistant and sanitizable5 keyboards feature a compact design that fits on your desk and in your bag, allowing you to transform any location into your workspace. The 460 and 475 Wireless Keyboards can easily switch between up to three devices via Bluetooth® with just a press of a button. The 475 Wireless Keyboard also includes the HP Unifying Dongle so that you can connect up to eight compatible peripherals. The keyboards come in FSC-certified, plastic-free packaging and contain 50% post-consumer recycled materials.6

The HP 460 Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and HP 475 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard allow you to maximize your workday with a full numpad, directional keys, and concave keycaps for quiet and comfortable typing.

The HP 475 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard has the HP Unifying Dongle for stable, encrypted connectivity for up to eight compatible devices.

The HP 420/425 Programmable Bluetooth Mouse is the perfect companion device for work on the move. Customize your workflow with up to six programmable buttons7 for your favorite shortcuts, and stay focused with the quiet clicking feature and precise tracking on almost any surface.8 This sleek mouse offers all-day comfort, contains 65% post-consumer recycled materials,9 and comes in recyclable packaging.10 And with up to two years of battery life11 from only one AA battery, you can rely on its power when you need it the most. 

The HP 420/425 Programmable Bluetooth Mouse works wherever you do, offering instant, seamless connectivity to up to three devices and six-button programmability.

In today's rapidly evolving work landscape, it is more important than ever to equip employees and the IT teams that support them with the tools and technology they need to thrive in hybrid work environments. By embracing HP's innovative solutions, businesses can foster seamless collaboration, immersive virtual meetings, and efficient workspaces that cater to employees' diverse needs. As the future of work continues to unfold, trust HP to lead the way in empowering you and your team to excel in the hybrid workplace, no matter where you are.


Pricing and Availability12

  • The Poly Studio Bundle, purpose-built for Zoom Rooms Intelligent Director, is expected to be available in November through select resellers. 
  • The Poly Voyager Surround 85 UC headset is expected to be available on October 13 for $499.95 at
  • The HP 430 FHD Webcam and the HP 435 FHD Webcam are available now for $59.99 at and Amazon.
  • The HP 460 Multi-Device Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is available now for $44.99 at and Amazon. The HP 475 Dual-Mode Wireless Keyboard is expected to be available in mid-October for $49 at
  • The HP 420 Programmable Bluetooth Mouse and the HP 425 Programmable Bluetooth Mouse are available now for $29.99 at and Amazon.

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1 Zoom Rooms license required and sold separately.

2 HP is currently the only vendor that offers both PCs and cameras recommended/certified by Zoom to deliver a comprehensive room solution for Intelligent Director (,streams%20displayed%20in%20the%20meeting).

3 Recycled plastic content percentage is based on the definition set in the IEEE 1680.1-2018 EPEAT standard.

4 Requires downloadable software on Host PC requires Windows 10 or higher.

5 See wipe manufacturer’s instructions for disinfecting and the HP cleaning guide for HP tested wipe solutions at How to Sanitize Your HP Device Whitepaper (

6 Recycled plastic content percentage is based on the definition set in the IEEE 1680.1-2018 EPEAT standard.

7 Requires HP Accessory Center (HPAC) Software. HPAC available for free download in Microsoft Store or Apple Store.

8 Glass surface may affect functionality.

9 Recycled plastic content percentage is based on the definition set in the IEEE 1680.1-2018 EPEAT standard.

10 100% outer box/corrugate cushion packaging made from sustainably sourced certified and recycled fibers. Fiber cushions made from 100% recycled wood fiber and organic material. Any plastic cushions are made from >90% recycled plastic. Excludes plastic bags and plastic foam sheeting.

11 Actual battery life will vary with use and environmental conditions. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage.

12 Pricing and availability subject to change without notice.