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Building an Inclusive and Sustainable Future with HP Amplify Impact

March 26, 2024


A Legacy of Partnership and Community Focus

Amidst a growing emphasis on sustainability in the channel ecosystem, the recognition of Introstat as the global winner of the 2022 HP Amplify Impact Awards underscores the importance of prioritizing community impact. Their story illustrates the progress that can be achieved when businesses equip their partners with the necessary resources to enact meaningful change.

Introstat, a prominent IT print vendor based in South Africa, has been serving the community for the last 33 years and has distinguished itself as a multi-vendor value-added solution provider within this time. As a pioneering IT vendor in the region and an early partner to HP, Introstat was fundamental in helping HP achieve a major milestone of selling its one millionth printer in 1989. “It’s been a phenomenal experience to see the products and services develop over the years and how the landscape and industry has changed too,” shared Wayne Behrmann, CEO of Introstat.

While the products have changed over the years, what hasn’t changed is the company’s shared commitment to driving positive change for the planet, their people and the community in which they operate across.

Community engagement has always been an integral part of Introstat’s core company strategy, adding value not only to their bottom line but also to their organizational culture. “It’s part of who Introstat is,” explained Cindy Schroeder, Executive Director of Introstat. “Our employees are involved in our community upliftment projects and seeing the growth and change that it is making in these communities adds a lot of value. This all contributes to the culture that we are driving within the company.”

Operating within the complex socio-economic landscape of South Africa, Introstat recognizes the challenges presented by ongoing issues such as unemployment, educational disparities, the digital divide, and a skills gap between entry-level and senior management positions. In light of these challenges, Introstat has been committed to fostering an employment equity environment for years, striving to promote diversity and create opportunities.


Navigating DE&I Challenges

Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace stands as a pressing global concern. In the unique context of South Africa, a nation with a history shaped by political unrest and segregation, the need for DE&I initiatives is even more pronounced.

While Introstat had overarching goals guiding its DE&I strategy, the process of organizing and implementing these initiatives gained significant traction when the company joined HP Amplify Impact. This award-winning program offers assessments with personalized reports, customized tracking, comprehensive training curriculum, best-in-class initiatives and expert consultancy. The program is aimed at empowering partners to maximize sustainable business opportunities and impact. HP Amplify Impact partners have seen increased sales as a result with partners driving 10,000 deals attributed to sustainability since 2022.

HP Amplify Impact also positioned Introstat to address another key challenge – bridging the digital divide. In addition to high unemployment rates, South Africa continues to face a “brain drain” – with skilled workers looking for international employment opportunities – leaving local businesses like Introstat to focus on strengthening the skills of current employees to meet the dynamic business environment.


Empowering Employees Through HP Amplify Impact

By partnering with HP, Introstat gained the additional structure, resources, and support needed to launch initiatives that otherwise would have been challenging due to resource limitations. The program’s core focus was on upskilling Introstat’s employees, and the company embraced it wholeheartedly. A total of 457 HP LIFE Courses were completed, ranging from sales fundamentals to DE&I training, financial education, business acumen, sustainability in sales training, and more.

“The unique thing about the HP LIFE courses was that everybody had the opportunity to upskill and empower themselves in a variety of areas. Excitement came from so many departments, and it encouraged others within the company to participate, which was fantastic,” explained Schroeder. “It has translated to a more empowered staff who are having better conversations with customers, which has resulted in increased revenue and sales within the company as well.”

Introstat’s involvement in the program also led to significant partnerships. Notably, they were among the six partners selected for a Sweep Pilot, which provided consultations on carbon footprint reduction and guidance on an actionable sustainability plan. This initiative was built on Instrostat’s existing climate action work, as the company has a long history of participating in HP’s ink and toner recycling program, HP Planet Partners.

Furthermore, Introstat was supported by Blue Door, a thirdparty service HP arranged to identify opportunities to support employee communication and DE&I. Through an exclusive opportunity to access services such as Blue Door, Introstat strengthened its mission to improve workforce communication and employee wellbeing.


Progress Through Employee Wellbeing and Upskilling

The results of Introstat’s engagement with HP Amplify Impact have been nothing short of transformative. After just one year of participating in the program, Introstat nearly doubled their score on the Amplify Impact self-assessment, a measure of progress towards sustainability and workforce objectives. “This program has opened my eyes to what diversity really is and what inclusion should be,” shared Behrmann. This sentiment resonated across the organization, leading to notable achievements.

Ultimately, the program facilitated a significant increase in DE&I efforts. Through an emphasis on establishing clear goals, metrics, and refined strategies, Introstat now boasts a well-defined DE&I strategy that focuses on diversity growth, mentorship programs, and support for women in leadership roles. The program also sparked open discussions among employees, leading to improved communication and mutual understanding. This, in turn, enhanced the overall working environment and team culture.

The program’s outcomes predominantly centered around the development of soft skills, particularly confidence and business acumen. Upskilled employees gained a deeper understanding of the business’s operational intricacies and the impact of their roles on customers. Moreover, the program heightened emotional understanding and awareness among employees, creating a more empathetic and supportive workplace.

Building upon the program’s success, Introstat is actively considering ways to deepen its engagement with HP Amplify Impact, recognizing the invaluable sustainability insights garnered throughout the partnership.

“A commitment to driving sustainable impact can be a complex and resource intensive investment, especially for small businesses. It takes a lot of effort, so being able to lean into HP made all the difference. I’m very grateful to HP for affording us the opportunity to join this program. If it weren’t for HP, I’m not sure we would have gone on this journey to the extent that we have,” shared Behrmann.

In terms of sustainability, Introstat appreciates the invaluable knowledge gained through the process. The commitment to environmental responsibility remains steadfast, as Introstat seeks to build on the progress they have achieved.


Continuing the Journey

As Behrmann aptly put it, “We’ve learned a lot through the process, the information and the knowledge that we gathered has been crucial. We value every single aspect that we’ve taken away from being a part of HP Amplify Impact. We want to continue moving forward with this journey in maximizing sustainable business opportunities the program has enabled us to achieve.”

Introstat’s story exemplifies the power of partnership and illustrates how, as an ecosystem, the channel is at its best when working together. This collaboration demonstrates that putting partners and customers at the center of every aspect of business can unlock new capabilities to deliver solutions. Through the HP Amplify Impact program, Introstat has not only elevated its business but also contributed to a brighter and more inclusive future for its employees, the community and the industry as a whole.

Learn more about Introstat here.

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