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Delivering Exceptional Employee Experiences with HP WEX™, HP’s New AI-Enabled Digital Experience Platform

Faisal Masud, President, HP Digital Services

March 7, 2024


Over the past five years, where and how people work has evolved in unprecedented ways. Employees are working from more places, across more devices than ever before – with continued expectations that everything should work seamlessly regardless of where they are. This new dynamic has put significant pressure on IT teams. Not only do they need to keep pace with increased demand for more flexibility, but they also need to balance their company’s priorities around security, IT costs, sustainability goals, and more.


Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Ratings are Dismal

While we have seen a tremendous effort by many companies to accommodate today’s new work styles and deliver greater flexibility, employee productivity and satisfaction are shockingly low. According to Gartner® HR Research1, “only 31% of employees report that they are engaged, enthusiastic, and energized by their work.” Our own HP Work Relationship Index revealed similar results – only 27% of knowledge workers say they have a healthy relationship with work.2

Employees propel organizations forward. When productivity and job satisfaction are impacted, companies are impacted. We want to help companies resolve this dynamic. We want to be THE company that our customers and partners rely on to improve and manage the entire digital employee experience. 


Introducing HP’s Unified Digital Experience Platform

Last year, we announced our first step toward our vision to deliver exceptional employee experiences with the introduction of HP Workforce Central, a fleet management platform allowing IT managers to discover, configure, monitor, and manage HP services and solutions in one location. 

Today, we have taken our vision to the next level with the introduction of the Workforce Experience Platform (HP WEX™), an AI-enabled digital experience platform that unlocks the full potential of the workforce and helps transform employees into a force for growth. 

HP WEX™ launches with an intuitive user interface designed to ensure a seamless experience for customers, connecting multiple services into a single, unified platform view. Beneath the surface is a new suite of powerful capabilities that deliver persona-based recommendations, streamline hardware monitoring, capture employee sentiment, reduce TCO, automate tasks, and strengthen security. Building on the success of last year’s pilot with over 2,000 customers, HP WEX™ has grown to facilitate over 4.5M monthly automated remediations across 16.1M monitored endpoints and is set to redefine efficiency and user satisfaction in the digital workspace.

  • Optimized device investment with persona-based AI models: Leveraging advanced AI, the HP WEX™ platform can deliver personalized technology recommendations based on individual employee usage patterns and requirements. This approach significantly improves the traditional PC refresh cycle, typically bound by a fixed schedule, by enabling HP WEX™ to accurately forecast when a device will no longer meet employee expectations. By proactively initiating refreshes, HP WEX™ can deliver improved user satisfaction as well as significant TCO reductions.
  • Seamless integration with existing multi-OS and multi-vendor environments: HP WEX™ will soon provide the ability to monitor endpoints across a broad range of operating systems and devices – including computers, peripherals, printers, and videoconferencing equipment – regardless of brand or manufacturer.
  • Improved employee engagement through ongoing employee sentiment tracking: It’s hard to fix a problem you don’t know you have. Turnkey pulse surveys from HP WEX™ will improve IT organizations' ability to continuously gauge and enhance employee satisfaction with their digital setup. With the current employee engagement rate at only 32%3, HP WEX™'s actionable insights and recommendations aim to enhance digital experiences, boost engagement, and help retain top talent by creating a more responsive and in-tune workplace.
  • Collaboration with Microsoft: HP will soon integrate HP WEX™ with Microsoft Copilot for Security to automate tasks and help maximize uptime for employees' devices. Combining HP WEX™ platform with the generative AI-powered assistance of Copilot, HP WEX™ will be able to help ensure a seamless IT experience by intelligently anticipating issues before they arise. HP WEX™ can then autonomously execute rapid fixes and updates to individual devices across an entire device fleet without the need for human interaction.
  • Reduced TCO and stronger security: As organizations increasingly adopt hybrid work models, security and support challenges have emerged.  HP WEX™ addresses these challenges by empowering customers to optimize budgets and resources through the automation of support request management and secure access to on-demand compute, effectively reducing IT costs while increasing productivity and sustainability. In addition, HP WEX™ leverages Wolf Security to address various cybersecurity challenges.


What This Means for HP Channel Partners

With the power of HP WEX™, channel partners can provide a managed service for customers alongside existing offerings, increasing recurring revenue opportunities starting June 2024. HP WEX™ is planning to bolster its partnership offerings with a comprehensive suite of APIs and connectors by the end of 2024. This initiative is designed to ensure seamless integration with existing systems, enabling value-added services, improved operational efficiency, and the enhancement of customized solutions tailored to customer needs. HP WEX™ aims to serve as a gateway for partners to develop new service offerings that help increase profitability margins and improve customer retention.

The HP Workforce Experience Platform is currently available for early access partners and customers and is expected to be available for customers and partners in select regions later this year. Channel partners are expected to be able to provide a managed service for customers through HP WEX™ in June 2024.


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