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Sustainable Impact Report 2017

June 19, 2018



Sustainable Impact is at the heart of HP's reinvention journey – fueling innovation, growth, and strengthening our business for the long-term. We are committed to developing and delivering an environmentally sustainable product portfolio, improving the sustainability of our own global operations, and partnering with our suppliers to reduce their environmental impact.

We are reinventing the standard for diversity and inclusion. We are proud to have created one of the most diverse Board of Directors and executive leadership teams of any technology companies in the U.S., and this approach flows throughout our organization of more than 55,000 employees around the world.

Our products and solutions, combined with social impact programs and partnerships, provide technology-enabled inclusive learning to engage students, empower educators, and unlock opportunity. And, we engineer with integrity, ensuring all products and operations are based on the highest ethical standards.

In 2017, we continue to see returns on our decades long investment in Sustainable Impact. More than ever, this commitment is critical to our future success. (read the report here)


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