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Earth Day 2019: HP is reinventing ‘reuse’ and creating environmental, social impact

April 18, 2019


In celebration of Earth Day 2019, HP is announcing major milestones:

  • Sustainability is the new workplace standard: A global, 20,000-participant survey released by HP found that 61 percent of workers believe sustainability is mandatory for businesses. It also found that employees are more productive, motivated and engaged when working for an employer who is leading the charge in social responsibility. Read press release.
  • $2 million investment to expand HP’s ocean-bound plastic supply chain. The company will build a new PET and HDPE bottle washing line in Haiti that will allow it to produce cleaner, higher quality recycled plastic locally for use in HP products. Read press release.
  • HP partners with NGO Work to build two new learning centers, equipped with HP laptops and printers that use cartridges made from locally collected plastics, enabling children to receive a quality education at the collection sites while their parents work nearby. Read press release.

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