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HP Announces Commitment to Create Sustainable Recycling Opportunities in Haiti

Joins Initiative to Improve Conditions and Bring Opportunity to Workers at Truitier Landfill

September 21, 2016

Palo Alto, Calif., September 21, 2016 — Today at the 2016 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting, HP announced it has joined a CGI Commitment to Action with Thread, Timberland, Team Tassy, and ACOP (Association des Collecteurs des Objets en Plastique) to improve conditions at the Truitier landfill in Haiti over a three-year period.

An estimated 200 children between the ages of 8 and 12 currently collect recyclable materials from the Truitier landfill. These children and their families are exposed daily to unsafe and hazardous working conditions. This joint initiative aims to improve the lives of the children by providing them with educational opportunities, including more than 200 scholarships, as well as full physical exams and health and safety trainings. Additionally, commitment partners will provide job training for the adults, and invest over $300,000 in entrepreneurs, microenterprises, and/or small-to-medium enterprises in targeted neighborhoods.

As part of this commitment, HP will purchase recycled plastic made with raw materials collected at the Truitier landfill. By opening a new market opportunity, generating a steady revenue stream and partnering to improve conditions for the workers, HP is helping to create sustainable jobs and bring opportunity and dignity to the Truitier community.

“HP has a strong track record of responsibly sourcing materials and treating all workers with respect and dignity,” said Stuart Pann, HP Chief Supply Chain Officer. “What is exciting about this initiative in Haiti is that we can turn waste into a resource that generates income and improves the lives of families living in poverty.”

“The very bottom of the supply chain is where people are the most vulnerable,” said Ian Rosenberger, Founder and CEO of Thread. “It’s no longer okay to ignore the issue because it’s difficult to talk about. We’re proud to be working with great partners like Timberland and HP to find a solution in Haiti that can change our global understanding of dignified work.”

“HP has been a pioneer in driving initiatives that support the principles of a Cradle to Cradle inspired circular economy,” said William McDonough, Chief Executive of McDonough Innovation and author. “Through this Commitment to Action, HP continues to lead their industry toward a more inclusive circular economy. They are benefiting the people in need in Haiti through positive economic, social, and environmental actions. They continue to inspire us all.”

For more information on this initiative, visit the HP Newsroom.

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